“At Awake, we put a lot of focus on our graphic content, when you make something as unique as electric surfboards, you simply want the concept to speak for itself. All our marketing activities ultimately lead to our website, which functions both as an information and e-commerce platform, and it is important that everything from layout, graphics and animation to user-friendliness and business strategies are "on point". Instead of bringing in a number of expensive and time-consuming experts to solve this for Awake, we decided to work with the team at coi. coi has contributed expertise where it really matters: web design, UX and SEO. The store that coi produced for us at Awake ticks all the boxes, and the project was completed on time, with follow-up / introduction so that I can work independently with the website.

Many thanks to Cornelis, Otis, Vedran and the rest of the team at coi, you did VERY good "
- Gustav Kjellberg, Brand Manger Awake
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