Ahlvar Gallery
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Founded in 2013, Ahlvar Gallery updates the iconic silk blouse for the urban woman. Combining fluid, everyday silk styles with traditional classics and statement pieces. Swedish designer and founder Frida Ahlvarsson seeks to redefine the notion of timeless dressing.

Frida’s passion for design started when she was 11 years old and was diagnosed with scoliosis. The diagnosis made it difficult for her to live like an average child when wearing a 2cm thick plastic corset 20 hours a day. Her mum told her to wish for something that could keep her busy during the days, and that’s when she got her first sewing machine. In the summer of 1995, Frida sewed 60 stuffed animals, and her mother had to run to the fabric store every second day to embrace her new hobby. Every person received a stuffed animal for birthday parties, Christmas gifts, or friends and family dropped by her home.
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We don't need awards
But they're nice to have, and a neat testament to great collaborations with our clients.

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Shopify Experts
What does it mean?
It means that we know the great capabilities of Shopify, we have a history of successful store builds, and if you either have a current Shopify store, a store on another platform, or no store at all, coi is the agency to create the Shopify store you always dreamt of.
A dream of great
coi hates shitty e-commerce. We have taken it upon ourselves to create the greatest online shopping experience there has ever been and ever will be.

With cutting edge design, spearpoint development, and the most delicious Shopify expertise on the planet, we'll make your e-store something to be loved by your customers.
So you may work with coi and have the store you always dreamed of, or chose someone else and have a store that that causes you migraines. In the end it's up to you, but if we're being honest, is it really a choice?
So how is coi different?
The biggest difference is that coi has removed the complex part of e-commerce. We use tools that focus on simplicity and clarity. We don’t work with hidden fees or monthly costs. coi’s guiding principle is that anyone should be able to maintain the final product.

By doing this, coi builds long-term relationships through trust, not dependency.
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